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Hello Guests

Welcome to RentBadi!

We are the FIRST company to successfully launch local marketplace in Baguio City that connects renters with homeowners, making it easy for people to find a place to live. We started with the goal of simplifying the rental process and making it more accessible for everyone as we believed that there was a need for a user-friendly and efficient platform that would allow renters to find their perfect home, transient, rental place to stay quickly and easily.

Hassle-free and safe booking because we are a legit and registered company that will help you throughout your renting requirements.

Avoid being scammed from social media. Use our platform and find your ideal option whether you are a guests or landlord.  

Offer your transients, apartments, condo hotels and any property to our guest. Find the perfect spot at the right place at the right price.


Our Story

Our journey began in this year 2023, when our founders noticed a gap in the rental market. They saw that the traditional rental process was time-consuming, confusing, and lacked transparency. They decided to create a platform that would bring together renters and homeowners in a simple and efficient way.
Thank you for choosing Our Rent Marketplace!
With this vision in mind, Our Rent Marketplace was born. We launched our platform with the goal of making the rental process easy and accessible for everyone. Our platform was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing renters to quickly search for properties that fit their needs and budget.
We also made sure to include important features like detailed property listings, high-quality photos, and the ability to communicate with landlords directly through our platform. These features have helped us build a strong community of renters and homeowners who trust us to make their rental experience as smooth as possible.
Since our launch, we’ve continued to improve and expand our platform. Today, we’re proud to be the leading local rental marketplace, helping thousands of people find their next home. We’re committed to making the rental process easier and more accessible for everyone, and we’re excited to continue our journey.
Thank you for choosing Our Rent Marketplace!

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